Yardstick Films is a new independent production company based in the

UK and Germany.

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Angus Frost

Angus is a camera operator, video editor and photographer from the UK. He has previously worked in photography PR, art direction and construction management on a wide range of commercial productions and shoots. He holds a degree in Fine Art 

Nicolai Jung

Nicolai is a trained journalist and camera operator from Germany. He has written for national papers and international news sites. He has worked as a researcher and analyst in the NGO sector. Nicolai is the director and a producer of Stop the Boats (Yardstick Films 2017). He holds a degree in international journalism.

Phil Miller

Phil is an investigative journalist and author who has written stories for national papers in the UK and Ireland, and supplied footage to Channel 4 News and Vice. He has worked as a researcher for Outsider TV (The Ballymurphy Precendent, 2018) and If Productions (Prison for Profit, 2019).